A dignity gown ideal for many orthopaedic procedures, it comprises a short front opening jacket with shorts that can also be opened to gain access to the perineum. This is a novel design for hospital gowns, a significant change to the ‘industry standard’. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL. 

  • Adjustable belt tie on shorts
  • Re-closable openings to allow access to the hip, or groin area when required
  • Re-closable openings under the arms to allow medical access for BP cuffs, pic lines or to allow access to the whole shoulder.
  • Belt on jacket for added comfort and security for the patient when walking or seated.
  • Shorts maintain full dignity when seated or walking

Suitable for day-case surgery, for out-patient clinics or for longer term patients with lines, drips or other attachments.

Product code SS2