Bariatric dignity gown – these are very XL versions of the SurgiSuit patient dignity gown for patients up to 40 stone.

Suitable for weight loss surgery, or simply for larger size patients who need to be in hospital either as an out-patient (e.g. X-ray or other treatment), for day-surgery procedures or for longer term hospital stays.

There are three sizes available:

Size A (SS1 XL) Chest 35in to 55inches / up to 175 kg
Size B (SSI XXL) Chest size 55in to 70 in / 157kg to 225 kg
Size C (SS1 XXXL) chest size 70in to 90in / 225kg and over

With all the same features as the SS1 dignity gown

  • Re-closable openings under the arms to allow medical access for BP cuffs, pic lines or to allow access to the whole shoulder.
  • Belt for added comfort and security for the patient when walking or seated.
  • Knee length gown for patient dignity
  • Overlapping front to ensure patient dignity for all sizes.
  • Pants to provide comfort and dignity
  • Velcro secured openings ensure patient remains covered up even with lines or drips