For a CBRN incident, we can provide a red gown (same as the Dignity gown, but in red) for easy identification of casualties  prior to passing through the decontamination showers.

After decontamination in the shower unit, the casualty can be provided with our 4 piece care gown to wear, either ready for further treatment, or to get home. This disposable set comprises trousers, pants and a long sleeved jacket, so the casualty is completely covered.

Besides providing warmth and dignity, there are Velcro openings  along the sleeves and down the legs, enabling medical treatment for wounds, or lines and leads.

The 4 piece care gown comes as a complete set, in Small, Medium, Large and Extra large, with 25 sets to a box. The red gowns are one size, with 25 sets per box.

NATO stock numbers are available 

De-Contamination Gowns

Red kimono