ChiroKlip is a safe and simple product, that is effective at protecting patients and staff from injury when using  k-wires.

ChiroKlip is a small butterfly-shaped aluminium cover with an adhesive foam backing.

It is designed to fold around the end of a k-wire, as a surgical pin guard to safely protect the patient and staff from the risk of needle-stick injury or re-injury.

ChiroKlip's smooth profile prevents the patient from catching the sharp end of the
k-wire on clothing, bedclothes, people or other objects.


Simple to use, sterile and requires no special instruments. ChiroKlip can be used during surgery to prevent needle-stick injury to the surgeon and during the after-care of a patient. It provides a sterile, safe and reliable protection. It prevents inward migration of the k-wire and can be left in place as long as the k-wire is in use. The single-use ChiroKlip also provides a rigid grip for the removal of k-wires, making the process easier.


ChiroKlip can accommodate k-wire sizes or other orthopaedic pins from 0.5mm to 4.0mm in diameter. Once the ChiroKlip has been bent around the k-wire, the adhesive will provide a secure hold, ensuring that the k-wire cannot cause injury to the patient or others. ChiroKlip will be effective for as long as the k-wire is in place.


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